Frequently Asked Questions

How can Horizons house of health help me?

Treatments are safe and effective at treating many health issues. Whether you have a diagnosed disease, chronic health issues or just don't feel your best.... Horizons House of Health can help you to achieve better health. Many clients have completely changed their lives under treatment and are able to go back to a normal life without illness.

What age groups can Horizon Medicine treat?

Treatments are safe for all ages including babies. Some of the modalities are limited to ages 4 and above due to a requirement to keep still for the treatment. The NES and SRT treatments are safe and effective for any age group including the very young through to the very old.

How long does it take to get better?

Average treatment programs take between 6 and 18 months depending on the severity of the illness being experienced. Pain issues can obtain relief in only 1 consultation and less severe symptoms can be rectified very quickly.

How much does a treatment cost?

Initial consultation costs are $115 for between 3/4 to 1 hr. Follow up 30 minute consultations are $65 and are required either fortnightly or monthly depending on your health issues. Once you have achieved the level of health you are happy with, maintenance consultations can be delivered as required.

My Doctor told me there is nothing more that can be done for my disease... can Horizons house of health help me?

The answer to this is 'never say never!' Horizon Medicine can make a positive impact on any disorders and can achieve amazing results with many health problems that do not respond to medical treatments. Your practitioner will discuss with you if your health issues can be worked with.

Do I have to stop my medical treatments or phamaceuticals before I start treatments?

All treatments at Horizons House of health are completely safe to be used with medical treatments. It is recommended that you follow your Doctor's medical advice but we can work along side medical treatments to repair the body and gain health.

What health problems does Horizons house of health work with?

Dr Jen has worked with many clients clients with complex and varying disorders. The clinic specialises in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome due to the extensive experience of the practitioner in this disorder but many other disorders have found substantial relief with Horizon Medicine treatments. The following is a list of commonly treated health issues:

Fatigue, depression, anxiety, autism, post traumatic stress disorder, CFS, auto-immune disorders, Digestion problems, food intolerances, IBS, Lethargy, poor skin, dermatitis/psoriasis/eczema,autism, ADHD, Emotional Problems, Musculoskeletal Issues, Neck/Back pain, Injuries, weight problems, general health maintenance, optimal health (athletes), weak immune systems, asthma and hayfever to name just a few.....