NANO treatments are essentially computerised kinesiology

There are 5 protocol treatments which, when used together with the TOSTOR program, will cut the length of the full program in half. The way it does this is by downloading all of the required software in to the Human Body Field so as it is ready to be installed as the body requires it, whilst completing the step by step process of the TOSTOR program. The reason it speeds up the program so much is easy to understand with the following analogy ….

Repairing the body is like renovating a house. You have to clean it out and then start to repair the things that are broken. The delays happen when the carpet layer picks up the wrong carpet or  the electrician  has to wait for the plumber who is running behind. The NANO works by effectively providing all of  the tradesman and all of the materials on site, ready to go 24/7. No delays and the house is renovated in record time.

The NANO’s are an essential upgrade for those of you who want your health back as fast as possible.

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