Twenty One Steps To Repair & Recovery


This is a step by step process to reprogram the software of the Human Information Field (HIF). This program uses the MSAS Pro Biomeridian machine and The Nutri-Energetics Scanner to identify problems or glitches in the HIF. These treatments effectively repair ‘software glitches’ that control the body and the mind. If the body does not have access to correct repair programs then it becomes sick. The TOSTOR program is effective and non invasive using homeopathics and Biofrequencies to repair the software. The program consists of fortnightly consultations where the meridian lines of the body are scanned and balanced using the MSAS Pro Biomeridian with individualised homeopathics then taken for 1 month at a time. The NES (Nutrienergetics Scanner) is also included and Biofrequencies given to repair individual software manuals of the body. The TOSTOR program has 21 specific steps to reprogram the information field of the DNA and the Human Information Field.  The program consists of 6 stages called the  ALPHA, BETA, DELTA, KAPPA, THETA & SIGMA cycles. These are also known as level 1-5 resets. They are stages of repair that the body needs to achieve in order for the software of the body to start running automatically and healing itself. The fortnightly specific programming resets are different for every client but are explained in detail at every consultation. The MSAS cycles are standard to all clients but differ in flavour according to each clients individual issues. In general, the TOSTOR programming cycles consist of the following:

  • ALPHA Cycle (Level 1) – repairs the healing codes that control detoxification and elimination
  • BETAS  Cycle (Level 2) – repairs the subconscious conditioning and emotional response
  • DELTAS Cycle (Level 3) – repairs soul, neurotransmitters and hormones
  • KAPPAS Cycle (Level 4) – repairs immune system and nervous system
  • THETA Cycle (Level 5) – Last stage of Repair
  • OMEGA Cycle (All Green Stabilisation Point) - Automatic software repair runs for 3 months
  • SIGMA Cycle  – Using the new programming to continue to repair and maintain the body and mind to maintain good health.
  • ORION Shift - Using repaired software to make changes in the way you think and to change your personality foundations to become the best and happiest version of yourself
  • VEGA Cycles - Using your repaired software to create the life you want. Overcoming life patterns, challenging thought patterns and creating a life that you are excited to wake up to every day.