What We Do

What is Bioenergetic Medicine?

Blueprint Bioenergetics Medicine is based on the Quantum Physics model of illness. When you go to a doctor, you are dealing with the Biomedical Model of illness that deals with tangible things that you can see or measure. If you imagine that your body is like a computer…. if you crack the screen or break a cord….. you would go to a doctor. If you have a problem with your Internet Explorer or Microsoft Works then you go to a Blueprint Bioenergetics Practitioner. The biggest difference is that the Biomedical Model deals with the hardware whereas the Quantum Physics model of illness deals with the software. Quantum Physics Medicine is based on information fields or "instruction manuals‟ that tell the body what to do. The instruction manuals make up a field which is called the Human Body Field. With Blueprint Bioenergetics, your practitioner will adjust the information fields and then the physical body knows what to do to get better.

How is the Human Body Field damaged?

Using the analogy of a computer again….. the Human Body Field (HBF) Is damaged in similar ways to a laptop computer. You have to look after and maintain your computer or it will become faulty. If you drop your computer, it may start to malfunction, so physical trauma can cause problems. The same thing happens if you have a big fall or an accident. If you over use your computer and run too many programs without shutting it down, the software starts to jam. The same thing happens if you work too hard, become too stressed, do too much for too long and don‟t rest….. your body will start to get sick. You may have a dodgy computer to start with and this is what happens with bad genetics. Your computer may have a faulty processor in which case your computer will not process what it is supposed to do….. this is common where your brain does not process events properly. The other major issue in this day and age is with interference. Electrical equipment malfunctions happen if there is too much electrical interference from close by sources. Your Human Body Field behaves in the same way as it is affected by electronic interference such as phone towers, wifi networks and cell phone use.

The beauty of the Human Body Field is that if you know how to look after it and repair it, then you can fix the damage as well preventing problems happening in the future

How is the Human Body Field Fixed?

This is as simple as identifying the software gliches and then downloading the correct software. This is done through several devices such as the Biomeridian, The NES, The NANO and manual testing such as kinesiology.

The Biomeridian machine uses homeopathics to balance and correct the functioning of meridian lines. Meridian lines are tracks of energy that run through the body in specific pathways to carry information to all of the parts of the body. This is the process of reprogramming the Human Body Field. If the meridian lines are all balanced, then the body can access its original repair programs and heal itself from the DNA outwards.

The NES scanner identifies problems in the specific instruction manuals and then uses Infoceuticals to correct any distortions that are present. Infoceuticals vibrate with sound wave frequencies that align themselves with the software in the body and correct any disturbances. This process is like checking the web pages on the internet. It identifies incorrect information and then downloads the correct information.

The SRT is a way to individually correct specific software. This is done manually by the practitioner and uses laser acupunture to set the treatment in the Human Body Field.

Magnets are also used for certain individuals where more advanced programming is required as well as a combination of SRT and Biomagnetix Treatments. Your practitioner will guide you every step of the way and decided which treatments will benefit you the most at every stage of your reprogramming.

Once your Human Body Field is working efficiently and is running on correct information, you will heal and repair yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically..... the true wholistic healing.